Why Use Kick The Tyres?

We inspect every vehicle like we’re buying it ourselves!

  • Kick The Tyres is completely independent, we don’t sell cars, we don’t fix cars, we just inspect them!
  • We're mobile - we can pick your vehicle up and deliver it back on completion.
  • We’re fast! – Over 97% of all inspections are completed within one business day.
  • We’re great value – we can potentially save you thousands in unplanned or unnoticed  repairs

If you are buying a car a comprehensive inspection gives you the peace of mind to proceed with the deal, alternatively it may highlight issues which may help you negotiate a lower price on the car.

If you are selling your car a full report makes your car stand out and enables buyers to bid with confidence, knowing they’re getting what they pay for.

If your extended cover mechanical breakdown warranty is about to expire a Kick The Tyres vehicle inspection can help to advise on any issues you may be able to claim for before your warranty expires.

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